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Improve Your Real Estate Virtual Tour in 5 Cool Ways!

Remember the good old days when we used to depend on real estate agents to find us good deals? Like many professions that have been partly gobbled by the internet, home buyers too are carrying out the first level of research themselves. Most information about not only the home but also the neighborhood is easily available online.

This is why it has become more important than ever that both sellers and agents also use the potential of the internet to their advantage.

Of the many online tools available to sellers, there is probably none that equals the free tool from Google’s arsenal – the 360 degree virtual tour. There are some amazing stats to prove why you should be creating a virtual tour as soon as you decide to sell your house.

Before that, what is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an interactive 360 degree view of your apartment. People will feel like they are walking through your apartment rooms a taking a tour. It is self paced, which allows people to do it in their own time.

Here are three stats that tell you how home buyers are using virtual tours to zero in on properties

  1. 54% buyers won’t look at a property if it doesn’t have a virtual tour
    Guess who put out that statistic? The National Association of Realtors. This means you are losing out on 50% business if you don’t have this feature
  2. Real estate listings with virtual tours get 87% more views
    More views equals higher chance of sale.
  3. The ROI for virtual tours is lesser than a month
    Investing in a virtual tour means that it is doing your first level sales and saving a ton of time. The people who come to the property will only be sure-fire interested buyers. This increases your chances of closing a sale.

The interesting part is that not all virtual tours are made equal. A sloppy one can ruin your chances to make a sale at all. So how do you get a perfect real estate virtual tour? Here are some pro tips:

  1. Use short videos instead of photos
    Realtors commonly used photos to showcase a property. Instead, if you use videos, you will be able to highlight unique aspects of the property. You can walk through each room recording shooting 15 second clips and specially catch features that might have been missed in photos. Here are all the things you can do when creating the tour
  • Add voice narration if you want to mention something specific. Otherwise, use soothing background music.
  • Make sure your camera settings are right and you are using a tripod to avoid an ameture look.
  • Use a call to action at the end of the video – a number that they can call to reach you for inquiries.
  1. Show the neighbourhood
    While home buyers concentrate on interiors, the surrounding community is of equal importance. Showing off important local landmarks like schools, restaurants, movie theatres, main roads and local businesses give a well rounded idea on what to expect for someone living in the area. You can use Google’s Map Mashups to create a great view.
  2. Virtually decorate the home before sharing with your users
    It’s great to show what is. But it is better to show what can be. Why leave things to your customer’s imagination when you can actually show them what their home can finally look like. Use Obeo’s StyleDesigner to show different possibilities on what the home can look like after adding furniture and fixtures.
  3. Add an interactive floor plan
    This is an illustrated map which gives buyers a sense of how the house is laid out. The user can click on a point to see the photos or images from that vantage point. To do this, you can use Mapsaliveor Tourvista
  4. Add professional quality images
    It is an investment that is worth it. Shaky, pixelated images won’t do much for the house or for the sale. It is best to have a professional take pictures for you on a bright, sunny day which showcases the house in all its glory.

Need help with enhancing your real estate listings? Leave the job to experts. Contact us for a quote today.


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